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Doom Cat Records is a bedroom operated, independent label based in Melbourne, Australia. We also have house shows and play video games.



New cassette single by electro-pop duo Moonsign now available. Comes on an electric blue tape. Super cool artwork by the amazing Hellen Jo!


Check out "Fresh Slime" - a new EP by MPC punching beat conjurer Yes/No/Maybe. Each track is comprised of a few vignettes crafted from Ghostbusters samples. It sounds simultaneously glitchy, chilled and spooky. The killer artwork (digitally painted in a film poster style) by Justin Pedler. Physical copy available on a slime green tape!


Late Record Store Day surprise! Old Love 10" now available. Ultra mega insane short run. Romantically morbid artwork by Jacob O Rolfe. If you want one don't snooze on it, they'll go quick. Stay gloomy.


Dreampop wunderkind J Francis's debut album "a l m os t" is now available in transparent 12 inch form over on the web store.
The record looks beautiful and the music sounds lusher than ever on wax. Grab a copy and vibe out.


A limited run of 10" lathe cut Old Love records will be available on April 19th (Record Store Day) later this month.
(Update: There is a slight delay on these... Stay tuned!)


Wil Wagner (Smith Street Band) recorded this demo back in 2011 for a release that never happened. I've been sitting on the mp3s for a while and thought it'd be cool to share them for anyone interested. Includes an unreleased song + a Foxtrot cover.

Please note: it was recorded on a phone and sounds pretty rough. Please enjoy in all it's shitty glory!


Aoi x DOS4GW split tape available now. Cover art by Sam Octigan. It looks and sounds pretty bad ass. Limited to 15 copies. Check it out in the store section.


Palisades have just finished recording new songs for a bunch of future releases that should be out soon. In celebration of this, I finally got around to printing their demo from a few months ago (+ a bonus song recorded at the same time) on CD in a nifty digicase. These songs are old, rarely get played live & the band probably hate them now (I am a great salesman) but I think they're cool. It's limited to 20 so if you'd like a physical copy, now is your chance.


Visit our fortress of doom this Saturday to see Raein (Italy) + Loma Prieta (U.S) + Nebraska (S.A) + No Action (S.A) + Palisades + Kolkkous and a framed photo of a handsome beefeater. Saturday, January 7. 3:00pm


Video Game promo/catalog animation (as Seaby Records). Made for fun. Features rare footage of Andy (R.I.P 🍻) from the Doom Cat Records logo.


Comadre (US), Quiet Steps, Palisades, Kolkkous. @ Seaby. Sunday, August 7. 3:00pm


Photo: J. Bosley

While I was in Japan recently I dropped a bunch of To The North and Quiet Steps CDs off at Time Bomb Records in Osaka. Thanks Hiroyoshi! (^・ω・^=)~


Mr. DNA's Chronic of Nania mixtape is, as of now, free to download here. Please ENJOY and Happy 4.20! \(゚▽゚)/


Quiet Steps - Think Aloud available now 🍂


There will be a bunch of stickers available soon too. ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽ Stickers are cool. Woo! stickerzzzzzzz


Here's a promo video for GDP's Magic Bullet mixtape I just dug out from the depths of my hard drive. As a side note apparently of Dead Prez said "That's bad ass as hell!" when he saw the cover art at the Dead Prez/GDP show in Gainesville. Enjoy!


To The North's "Indiscretion" EP has been available for a few days now and is selling pretty fast! You can order it from the store section or pick it up in Missing Link, Poison City Records (Melbourne), Kill the Music (Brisbane), and Clarity Records (Adelaide).


In the coming months expect a small release from our charming pals from To the North that'll precede their upcoming album.

A bigcartel site has also been set up, check it out here.


GDP - Magic Bullet Australia only CD now available. Awesome. Grab it from the store section or pick it up in Missing Link records, Wax Museum records or Obese records.


...Website up and running!
hai. ~(・ε・)~


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