Aoi x DOS4GW | Doom Cat Records

Aoi x DOS4GW - Split


A five minute song each from L-Burn beat makers Aoi and DOS4GW. Aoi comes through with a rotating amalgamation of freaked out boom bap beats interspersed with surreal synth effects and samples. Meanwhile the DOS side starts out super evil and sluggish, then builds into something truly chaotic. Two awesome tracks.

Cover art by Sam Octigan
Tape art by Stu


01. Aoi - Break Suite (Aoi Boullabaisse)


02. DOS4GW - Gilmore Girls

Top: Screenshot from DANKCITY music video
Bottom: Photo by Phebe Schmidt


Lo-fi DIY release. Download code included.

Format: Cassette Tape
Type: Yellow
Limited to: 15
Released: 26.4.2013

Format: Digital Download
Type: 320kbps MP3