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Mr. DNA - Chronic of Nania


Mr. DNA's first mixtape. Appearnces by GDP & Young Lean. Beats by Aoi, DOS4GW, Yes/No/Maybe.

Cover art by Ghostpatrol

Track list

01. Intro (Interpretation by DOS4GW)
02. My And I Am Me (Miami Fucking Miami)
03. Someting
04. Neber Sover (Featuring GDP)
05. 420 Ta Lif3
06. Bowie (Yes No Maybe)
07. Bags of Rain
08. April May Redux
09. Ride On
10. You're More Than Pleased (But The Pleasure Was All Mine)
11. Summer Dreaming (Kwasi)
12. Survival (Featuring Young Lean)

Format: Digital Download
Type: 320kbps MP3
Released: 04.20.2011