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GDP - Magic Bullet


Magic Bullet mixtape from New Jersey Hip Hop artist GDP. Sincere, pessimistic and crass. Production from Australian beat-makers DOS4GW and Aoi. Contains bonus track "Pulp Free". Cassette available on RTF records.

A need can be powerful enough to fulfil it,
Seeking refuge amongst criminals and wise men,
Drivers of action with no destination,
Through wilful self-delusion we graze the gamut of human emotions,
Useless to identify, impossible not to notice,
In one ear and out the other like a bullet.

Track list

01. Nitro Glycerine (Feat. Faggy Smokes & Pistol)
02. Raining In My Head
03. Muzzy
04. Flamboyant
05. Gateway To A Savage Frontier
06. Pulp Free (Feat. Shape, Daniel Joseph & Faggy Smokes)


Format: CD
Limited to: 100
Released: 12.17.2010

Format: Digital Download
Type: 320kbps MP3