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Quiet Steps - Think Aloud


Clocking in at nearly 50 minutes, Think Aloud is a culmination of an expansive era of material for Brisbane's Quiet Steps. The band have evolved into their own unique beast since their last EP (Yellow Ghost Records) over 3 years ago. This album is equal parts screamy punk, indie & post-rock.

Cover Art by Errol Hoffman

Also comes with a free Quiet Steps sticker designed by Adam Vass from La Dispute. Cuz stickerz are rad:

Track list

01. Sales Rising
02. Enemy Control
03. Mirage
04. Dead Sea
05. Chateaubriands
06. Assimilate
07. Generation to Generation
08. Exclusion
09. Measure Reaction
10. Echelon
11. Surrounded
12. One Breath
13. Vision Lost


Format: CD
Type: Gatefold
Limited to: 100
Released: 01.04.2011

Format: Digital Download
Type: 320kbps MP3