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Wil Wagner - Demo (2011)


Straight outta Box Hill... five rough demos from folk punk dude Wil Wagner (Smith Street Band)

Wil recorded this acoustic demo back in 2011 for a release that never happened. I've been sitting on the mp3s for a while and thought it'd be cool to share them for anyone interested... Includes an unreleased song ("One Hundread Years Ago") + A Foxtrot cover.

Please note:
This is just a demo. It was recorded on a phone and sounds pretty rough. To check out the proper releases, visit Poison City Records and Jackknife Music.

Track list

01. I Want Friends
02. Laika
03. The Point (Foxtrot cover)
04. Eviction Notices
05. One Hundred Years Ago

Photo: Jonathan Minto

Format: Digital Download
Type: 320kbps MP3
Recorded: August 2011
Released: 2013